Monday, June 1, 2009

Sex On Sunday

On the day that is specifically designated for repenting, I can only think of sinning. Getting in and in it, digging from the inside out, your loins have a style and I'm just trying to fit in it. A couple kisses to the right spots and sure enough I got your body hot. I won't stop. Not til your voice spills over your mind to my ears. Not until your eyes swell and you start to pour tears. Hot steamy whispers stream out of your mouth as sweat drips down your forehead. And almost playfully you look down on me and ask me for more head. It's the morning, Sunday actually, and I haven't even had breakfast. And if I can get close enough, I can wear a pearl necklace. Pause.

But once the tide turns and I end up on top and sometimes behind you, doesn't matter the position as long as I'm inside you. And when you're with your friends I hope I can provide you...some type of visual memory to make you bubbly and fidgety. Only from the thought of you loving me and kissing me. Maybe it was the power of God on this Holy Day, bestowed to me, I present to you the words that'll make you say...

Sex on Sunday.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


What does it take for the world to embrace you? Is it the feats we accomplish while we're here on Earth that define us when we're gone? It it what we choose to share with others that captures the hearts of the entire world? Or is it that we bear our souls for all to see and judge that makes us truly iconic?

Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G, Princess Diana, Kurt Cobain, James Dean, Heath Ledger, Richard Pryor...icons. What is it about them that intrigued an entire planet? Was it the fact that we could relate to such dynamic personalities? Or was it that we loved their work so much, that we couldn't stand to lose them? We loved who they were, we continue to miss them, and we will always remember them.

I long for the love of the world. It is not a private ambition to be kept a secret. But what does it take for it to happen? The aforementioned people and personalities put themselves in an environment that nurtured their individual talents. They placed themselves on platforms that allowed the whole world to see. They saturated our hearts with such beautiful images and sounds that we continue to immulate their lives.

I wish I could be there. I wonder what type of platform I would need to embark on such an incredible journey. Is it television? Is it radio? Whatever it is, I'll discover it. And with no shortage of talent and ambition, I'll pack my metaphorical bags and begin my climb to the top. The world DESERVES me and I deserve the world in return.

For those of you reading this...I owe it to you.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ooooh Those Niggas...

I have a question I want to ask to the general public: how many of you out there are niggas? I have to ask because I feel like no one really knows. Maybe it's just a black thing, maybe it's an Asian thing too. Let's get the Samoans in on this as well. Hey, let's make the word universal! Or maybe it's just a male thing, after all, when you think of niggas you think of guys. But really, why associate yourself with such a word?

I know the argument is a classic one: is the word derogatory or is it a term of endearment (i.e. brother, friend, loved one, etc.)? I wantto know, becuase it seems like it can be a double edged sword in most cases. If I walked up to you with an excited look on my face with my hand outstretched and said, "Nigga!" How would you take that? Probably like any friend would approach another. But if I walked up to you in anger and yelled out, "Nigga!", how would you take that?

What's the difference in the word? What is it in our society that makes us feel connected and bonded to a word that was solely used to negatively classify a subset of people? If we called someone a WOP, it would immediately offend someone of European descent. They don't call themselves that. Or if you called someone of Latin descent a spick, that's not cool either. White people don't refer to themselves as crackers nor do they call each other honkeys.

What is it about the word that we find so appealing? Do it emasculate you? Does it tuck you in at night? Does it resonate deep in the hidden chambers i your mind and bring forth power to your life? No...I hardly think so. The word nigga is so deeply rooted in our minds and vocabulary, that we have embraced it and emotionally attached ourselves to it. We, as a people, wouldn't know how to function without it in our daily regimen.

Instead of righting a wrong, searching for a solution, we choose to justify the word's meaning and existence. We, as a people, are too lazy to combat an obvious problem. We have taken the word and made it our adopted brother. The brother that you stand up for, the one that no one can talk about but you. You know how no one can talk about family BUT family? I guess that's the "Nigga Rule" too. We refuse to let any other people call us niggas. We'll be damned if a white person called us a nigga (or nigger for those that want to argue). We get pissed off when Asians refer to themselves as niggas. We want to hop on them if they embrace it and love the word as we do.

We readily identify ourselves as niggas, but we refuse to let anyone else identify us as such, but really, what's the difference?

Apparently it's cool to be a nigga...except when it's not.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It All Catches Up...


So I'm hearing rumors that my guy Kid Cudi is thinking about quitting the industry. That's crazy shit! Here is a very talented artist that is obviously on the verge of some huge shit, and he up and says that after he drops his solo album this summer...he's done. What the hell is happeneing in this industry that a shining star drops it all and returns to their normal life?


It reminds me of that ish with Dave Chappelle a couple years ago. He turned down $50 million and a #1 just to have piece in his life. He traveled to Africa to clear his mind and rid himself of the stress he was feeling. But in all the confusion created by it, everybody thought he was smoking crack and going crazy! The man can't clear his mind? Apparently not What's going on?

A lot of artists, actors, and athletes claim that the pressure to perform is incredibly overwhelming. I believe it. As a future celebrity I have to wonder, "Is this the type of shit that I'm gonna have to deal with?" Just maybe...but the difference is, I have somethings and someones to learn from.

It all catches up...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And In The End...

What is the feeling of adversity? Is it the feeling of many obstacles in the way of your glory? Or is it the sound of a scream created in desperation as you strive towards a goal? Or maybe it's the tears of the less fortunate clinging to their cheeks as a constant reminder of struggle.

No. Adversity is a series of tests and trials set in your way for you to fight through. People believe that in your ultimate quest for destiny or whatever it is you're trying to obtain, it is adversity that was your guide, not your hinderance. It was adversity that taught you to stand on your own two feet. It was adversity that taught you to bear down and ignore the pain. Adversity was the one that gave you strength; the one that provided you a greater will.

Maybe the feeling of adversity is the sweat trickling down your forehead as you strive harder towards the future.

Or maybe it's not...who knows?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Forever Summer


Epiphany: (def. 2) the manifestation of a supernatural being.

I experienced an epiphany the day my daughter was born. Monday morning at 8:14 AM, my entire world changed. The pure joy and elation of being a father in that moment left me utterly speechless. To have experienced life up until that moment, I would have said I was content. But upon the arrival of Summer, a world opened up to me that was never before seen.

Like looking into the same wardrobe that left Narnia exposed, I was in the presence of something simply mind blowing. A someone, but one of my own creation, had changed me forever. From the moment I watched her supernova explode into the world of the mundane, the sunset itself down in that room and filled me like never before. I felt a warmth that had never previously been experienced.

To float on cloud nine has always been my goal. But with her presence I realize that is her that made me whole. Winter turned to Summer that day and spoke aloud, "Will you let the sunshine through, is it allowed?" Her birth to me was nothing less than miraculous and quite profound, and her spirit is free to roam my heart free and unabound. I love her like she wants and like needs me to. We named her Summer because she is what the seasons drew. I love her hi and low, over and under. I know that in my heart it's always sunny... it is forever Summer.

Mommy and Daddy love you.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Award Goes To...

There are only a couple people in this world who I truly consider musicians. When I say that, I mean people who actually make music. Not just rap, not just sing, and not just skilled at making beats. I mean someone who can meld all of these things into something exquisite and wonderous. The award I'm getting ready to hand out is very much so deserved. Here are the nominess for Musician of the Quarter (has to be only a quarter because the year just started):


Wayne was the story of '08 and continues his strong performances into the new year. Having just won four Grammys (including Rap Album of the Year) Wayne is simply the man right now. Still riding out the success of Tha Carter 3, he is preparing a rock takeover. But those Prom Queen and Hot Revolver songs lose him credibility.


The winner of three Grammys themselves, Coldplay KILLED last year. They made white dudes relevant in the minds of black people once again. By collabing with Wayne, Kanye, and Jay-Z last year, they brought themselves to the forefront of music.


Nobody can stop this chick right now. She's got a bunch of dance crazy videos that continue to fill up '09. Say what you want about her dancing, but she makes music and makes money. By dropping this album this early in the year, she sets the tone for all women in the game. Hella unfair. The Sasha Fierce side of her album was fly, but she kinda went blank with no alter ego, the Beyonce side sucked. She still married Jay-Z though.


Drizzy. This man has been all over Wayne's music for the past year. The man isn't a newcomer, but he has been slept on. The man's new mixtape is INCREDIBLE, and I can't think of a more highly anticipated MIXTAPE. A MIXTAPE! With collabos from Wayne, Bun B, Omarion, Trey Songz, and even Lloyd, it seems he's been co-signed for.


I honestly don't know how she did it, but the chick made a comeback. You might be just as confused as I am, but you gotta add the fact that the "Womanizer" song stuck with everybody. She got back in shape, got her hair back, and got her kids just in time for '09.


Kanye West. He makes some of the best music of our generation. He can't sing, contrary to his own belief, and that's his only knock. His ego and creativity takes him to new levels. His last album drew mixed reviews, but I think it's phenomenal.

And the winner is:


I gotta go with my guy Drake. When I say music, I mean that shit. I listened to his mixtape (no, I WAITED for MONTHS for his mixtape) and was blown away. He completely exceeded my expectations. The man can do his thing. Unlike Wayne and Kanye, he can rap AND sing. He's the only person in the world that can make Omarion relevant. How many people can hold their own on a track with Bun B and Wayne? And who sings with Lloyd?! Drake bro...cop the mixtape: So Far Gone (